AG Marvels
Bitcoin Funding is a US-based fund offering Blockchain token-based securities in the cannabinoids industry under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act of 1933. Bitcoin Funding identifies, creates, offers, manages, and executes private placements and tokenization of securities. Bitcoin Funding was founded to offer investments for accredited and qualified investors such as family offices, trusts, private equity, venture capital, and other types of hedge funds. Bitcoin Funding has contracted with National Holding Ventures, LLC. for management services. AG Marvels is a global supplier of bulk cannabinoids. Located in central Michigan AG Marvels is the largest hemp processor in the sate. Along with extracting hemp AG Marvels also sells seeds, starts and other needed supplies for hemp growers. AG Marvels provides services such as planting, harvesting, drying and toll processing for hemp growers and other processing facilities. AG Marvels CEO Mike Klumpp is on the Michigan hemp task force and one of only 2 people in the country to sit on an federal ATAC board to advise the secretary of agriculture on hemp in the United States. Currently over 50% of AG Marvels sales are generated in exporting hemp products overseas. AG Marvels is growing steadily and looking to expand in foreign markets.
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